We don't want to tell you what to and what not to do because that just spoils the fun.

We do however have four rules that help make the wiki easier.

Rule 1

Everyone will be welcome to join chat, but users who repeatedly curse and swear will receive a ban depending on the severity. Some swearing is acceptable though.

Rule 2

The Bermuda triangle is unique to this wiki, it means nobody any harm and you should not be afraid, but it will take no hesitation on removing disruptive users.

Rule 3

If a user has been inactive in chat for over half an hour, they will be at risk of being banned to speed up the chat.

Rule 4

Lastly and as usual, don't spam. We'll give you few warnings, but if it continues, expect to receive a ban. So respect the chat.

Besides these rules, all other activity is currently deemed acceptible until futher notice.